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#1 Posted : Friday, March 29, 2019 11:09:53 AM(UTC)

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Mainly from the following points, I also tell you the difference between the dance and the glue:
1. Watch in kind.
See if the color of the product is pure.
The color of this product is diverse. The corresponding color described by the customer for the sample should be viewed with the naked eye to see if the color of the product is pure and gorgeous.
Everyone often makes a common mistake in the purchase process, that is, asking the price first, often ignoring the importance of the real thing. It is recommended that you ask for the product samples of the stage sports floor during the inquiry process, and ask the manufacturer for the price and product details based on the samples you have seen. ‘The so-called one price, one product, don’t see the product with your own eyes. How can you know whether the product is good or bad? That kind of product is more suitable for you.
2. Select the appropriate thickness and size according to the ground.
The interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring can be tailored according to the size required by the customer, and the area can be allocated reasonably to achieve zero consumables. However, there is a point here that the dance ground rubber has a corresponding laying size corresponding to different original grounds. Therefore, when selecting the thickness of the ground rubber, the customer must introduce the basic ground situation to the manufacturer in detail. The manufacturer will customize the customer according to the ground conditions of the customer, and produce the thickness of the rubber suitable for the customer. And before the construction of the ground rubber, the ground is treated accordingly for the customer's ground conditions. Make the ground meet the basic requirements for laying the stage sports floor.
3. Look at the material of the product.
The dance floor glue is made of 100% pure soft PVC high-quality materials, which makes it durable and wear-resistant, thus increasing the service life of the floor.
The matte UV surface treatment of the dance rubber makes the foot feel comfortable, not slippery, smooth, moderately moist, and more suitable for the dancer's free movement and stillness. The 100% pure PVC high-density elastic layer in the stage sports floor has moderate elasticity, which is good for cushioning the impact force in motion, and has good flexibility, invariance, no ****ing, easy to clean and maintain. The above is the dark green and shallow of the dance rubber. Gray dance floor glue, in the case of product folding, you can clearly see that there is no **** in the folded part.
Seam connection method:
The slotting and weld of the sports floor must be carried out after the elastic double tier sport flooring has been laid for 24 hours, after the glue has completely cured. Use a special slotting device to slot the seam at the seam when grooving. In order to make the welding firm, the slit should not penetrate the bottom. It is recommended that the groove depth be 2/3 of the thickness of the floor. Use a hand-grooving knife to groove at the same depth and width at the end of the slot that cannot be opened.
Thermal welding of sports flooring: the connection of all moving floors to be joined to the joints, usually by means of heat welding. Heat welding makes the joints strong, waterproof and hygienic. The specific welding method steps are as follows:
1. Before welding, remove the dust and debris left in the tank;
2. When welding, you can use manual or automatic equipment professional high quality welding torch and equipped with 5mm fast welding gun nozzle for welding. Before starting the welding of the sports floor, the welding torch should be preheated for a few minutes. The welding temperature should be set at about 350-450 degrees Celsius. The hot gas generated at this time can melt the ground material and the welding rod at the same time. Insert the electrode into the welding gun nozzle, press the first welding rod into the groove for one minute, then move the welding torch backward. It is best to find some scraps before the hands-on to do some practice, pay attention to the reflection of the welding rod, because the temperature, speed and strength of the welding have a direct impact on the effect of heat welding. The welding speed should be appropriate (to ensure that the electrode melts) and the electrode is squeezed into the opened tank at a constant speed. The solder joint must remain parallel to the ground and placed directly on the notch;
3. When the electrode is semi-cooled, use a welding strip screed or a monthly cutter to cut the part of the electrode above the plane of the elastic flat PP mat volleyball sport flooring. After the electrode is completely cooled, the remaining portion of the electrode is divided and trimmed by using a welding strip screed or a monthly cutter;
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