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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 28, 2019 9:51:03 AM(UTC)

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1. First, thoroughly vacuum the dust and use a marble blade to remove the stubborn and solidified parts.
2. Use a scrubber to wash the floor thoroughly with all-purpose water to avoid the use of strong acid and alkali detergents; glass wipers can also be used in small areas.
3. Finally, use a towel holder to clean the residue mark.
Floor waxing
The floor decoration mainly includes marble, granite, artificial marble, terrazzo, log flooring, laminate flooring, plastic flooring, glazed floor tiles, polished tiles, and the like. In addition to daily cleaning, it is also necessary to use a suitable wax liquid for waxing and polishing, crystal surface treatment and refurbishment treatment for the floor without the material. The stone maintains the original natural color, beautiful and beautiful, and plays the role of anti-corrosion, anti-weathering, decontamination, anti-insect, moisture-proof and anti-****ing. Waxing on the interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring can make the ground bright as a mirror, and it is easy to clean and prevent wear. After curing, it can block air, water and dust, thus prolonging the service life and playing the role of anti-slip and anti-static.
First, the floor waxing is generally divided into two types:
One is liquid floor waxing; the other is solid floor waxing, which is commonly used in life as liquid wax, which is both affordable and practical for consumers. Our company waxes waxing machines for large areas of enterprises and institutions, waxing and waxing in small areas, and waxing at home. The best effect of hand waxing is that the wax liquid can be quickly and fully absorbed by the floor under the action of manual force to achieve the best effect. The hand-wax effect of the wooden floor is more obvious, bright and lifelike.
Second, the floor waxing generally has the following steps:
Waxing material selection: The surface of the floor is coated with protective wax. After curing, it is isolated from air, water and dust. It is easy to clean and prevent wear. It can prolong the service life and play the role of anti-slip and anti-static. Professional waxing liquid is evenly distributed. The thickness is moderate, bright and beautiful. Use wax liquid for super treasure high-grade wax-free liquid.
Floor dust removal: First use steel wool pad on the wax brush to push forward and backward along the grain of the floor, rub it hard, clean the garbage, stains and dirt thoroughly, then wipe the floor with a slightly wet mop, then you can wax. Waxing cycle: waxing every 2 months or 3 months, the amount can be reduced in turn, the first waxing is slightly more, every 30 square meters of floor, can play about 300 grams of floor wax. When waxing, apply evenly to the floor surface and "soak" it. After wiping off the wax, let the floor fully absorb, completely dry, and wipe it back and forth on the elastic double tier sport flooring with a dry soft cloth until it is smooth and translucent.
Third, the recommendation: customers carefully when selecting wax:
1. Pure solid wood flooring: It is recommended to use polishing-free wax, which has a strong function to protect the wooden floor.
2. Composite laminate flooring: Liquid wax is recommended. The main purpose of waxing is to waterproof.
3. All kinds of stone: In view of the fact that stone is a high-grade material, it must be equipped with high-grade wax.
Fourth, the floor waxing is divided into: waxing, waxing, maintenance and other steps.
a) waxing for the first time.
1. Clean the elastic flat PP mat volleyball sport flooring and blow dry the ground so that the ground is completely dry and free of stains.
2, first make the bottom wax (two to three times) at least 30-60 minutes each time, the interval time is not sticky hand test by hand, with no footprints on the foot.
3, the face wax two to three times, the interval is 40-60 minutes, the test dryness is the same as 2.
b) The following conditions need to be waxed on the old wax: (filling wax).
1. After the polishing with the spray polishing wax, the gloss can not be lifted, and the surface wax surface wear degree is more severe. It is necessary to apply the wax on the old wax surface 1-2 times, and after drying for 2-3 hours, polish with a spray polishing wax.
2. After the last face wax is finished, it is separated by about three hours, and polished with a spray wax.
c) waxing is required in the following two cases:
The ground wax is black and cannot be washed off. It must be waxed. When the wax surface is foamed, the adhesion of the wax is not good, and the wax needs to be waxed when the whole layer falls off. Since the ground is kept very clean, the wax surface is not black, but the time is long and yellow, depending on the situation.
Note: The material required for waxing: strong waxing water, the ratio of water to water is 1:8 or 1:5, using a multi-function brushing machine with a wax pad to wax, the wax should be thoroughly clean, the ground after waxing Need to pass the water 2-3 times. The ground should be kept moist when waxing or over water, and the water must be sucked up by the water absorbing machine before each process to proceed to the next process. If the wax layer is thick and waxy, it will be relatively difficult. It is recommended to use a little less wax and a little longer. Or use wax water to hot water, the wax effect will be better and faster.

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