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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 27, 2019 1:16:01 PM(UTC)

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Many inferior and quality kindergarten floors can also be distinguished by the naked eye. The kindergarten floor of the regular manufacturer has fine workmanship, the interlocking double tier sport flooring is flat, the color is positive, the pattern is clear, and the color difference of the same batch of kindergarten floor is almost zero. At the same time, the quality of the kindergarten floor can also be distinguished by the sense of smell. The smell of inferior flooring is generally heavy, and there are many harmful chemical components. The formal kindergarten floor tastes very light or even has no bad smell, and will not affect the health of consumers.
Most consumers can't judge the pros and cons of the plastic kindergarten floor through professional knowledge. You can identify it by the above simple method. You can also check the manufacturer's business license certificate, or the product safety and quality inspection report to ensure the authenticity of the product. Sex, to protect their own interests.
There may be many reasons for the ****s in the floor, such as the foundation is not solid, the floor material is too brittle, the use is improper, the floor quality is too poor, or the floor surface is ****ed due to the dampness of the floor and the expansion after excessive heat. What the parents are most concerned about is not the reason for the ****ing of the detachable outdoor sport court tiles. What kind of kindergarten floor they are most concerned about is to ensure the safety of the child.
ZS kindergarten floor, multiple guarantees, to create a safe education environment for you.
First of all, the production of raw materials is green, non-toxic and non-polluting.
Secondly, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, antibacterial and antibacterial; the seams are small and small, it is not easy to hide bacteria and tiny injuries; fire retardant, will not cause fire.
Third, the kindergarten floor structure is precise, the material is flexible and moderate, and has the function of moisture-proof. As long as it is used reasonably, there will be no ****s in the floor at a suitable temperature.
Kindergarten rubber is made of environmentally friendly materials. In essence, PVC is a common material for many medical equipment and edible utensils. Fundamentally, the children were harmed by aldehydes and various radioactive substances. In addition, the surface of our kindergarten rubber is treated with a special UV layer that is generally only used on the surface of the laboratory floor. It is anti-fouling, bactericidal, anti-static, non-dusting, and the surface is easy to clean. Even if the child crawls on the ground, the skin does not need to worry too much about the ground.
Specializing in the production of PVC plastic. The main raw material for the healthy and environmentally friendly production of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is aldehyde-free, VOC, and radiation-free. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the ground materials that can be recycled are more suitable for protecting our natural resources and ecological environment. Great meaning. The surface layer has been specially treated and has a function of inhibiting bacterial growth.
Today's children are the parents' palms, how can we let children grow up in a healthy environment? As parents are not willing to see the child hurt, see the pain of the child, I can't wait to pass on to myself several times, if you can. But when the child is injured, the attitude of the parents also directly affects the growth of the child. We can't just feel distressed and ignore the safety of the child. After all, we can't protect them for a lifetime.
Everyone has their own kindergarten era. The children's psychology and thoughts are actually familiar to us. We like those lively and lovely patterns and are curious about things that are full of childlikeness. Every time I think about it, the laughter and happiness that I left at that time seemed to be in front of me. Those things made our childhood life colorful.
Professional kindergarten plastic flooring can fully display the children's favorite things. The teacher can arrange appropriate time every day to let the children play games in the kindergarten plastic floor area, which can fully mobilize the children's interest in playing games and cultivate children to develop a lively and cheerful personality.
If you need to know the product in detail, Kindergarten Glue is a high quality PVC interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring specially designed for children and children. It can meet the requirements of various children's activities, and is widely used in families, kindergartens and community activities centers. , elementary school, children's play activity center, etc. Kindergarten rubber patterns are beautiful and full of childlikeness. Loved by children. The various cartoon patterns on the surface are treated by special techniques, which are not afraid of scratching and lasting for a long time.
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