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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 26, 2019 9:13:41 AM(UTC)

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The indoor gymnasium is an activity venue with a large amount of exercise and strong confrontation. Long-term high-intensity training and competition will undoubtedly pose a great threat to the athlete's body. Therefore, the floor of the venue needs to have the impact absorption capacity (ie, absorb the impulse, form a buffer, avoid the ground reaction force on the human body when the human body falls, the index requires impulse absorption ≥ 53%.).
When athletes complete the bounce, flip, and other actions, the impact of the recoil on the ground is difficult to find in a short time. After a long time, the body will give an early warning, and the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court can absorb a part of it well. Recoil. After many years of research and development and practice, the sports floor has designed a variety of sports floor special structures, including moisture-proof non-woven fabrics, elastic LVL sliced ​​keel, elastic cushions and other environmentally friendly materials, which absorb part of the impact force. The principle of physical mechanics, when the athletes exercise on such a venue, the anti-impact force will be reduced, which will protect the athlete's human body and reduce the fatigue of the person.
The elastic cushion of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court uses a natural rubber elastic pad to ensure the elasticity and shock absorption of the site to a greater extent. The solid wood keel/LVL keel itself has a strong impact absorption capability, while at the same time. A layer of high-strength non-woven moisture-proof membrane is placed between the floor and the wool floor to further effectively absorb the impact energy and achieve the effect of sound absorption and shock absorption.
Gymnasiums are generally used to hold events and open to the public. Therefore, the installation of sports floors must be in place at one time, there must be no defects, and there should be no hidden dangers. Professional sports flooring needs to meet the requirements of athletes. It needs to integrate functional, technical and protective functions. These are all inseparable from professional installation.
The daily maintenance and maintenance of the wooden floor of the sports hall should be done according to the requirements. The wooden floor of the sports hall is strictly prohibited from waxing. It is strictly forbidden to wear nail shoes, high-heeled shoes and other hard objects that easily scratch the floor. The wooden floor of the gymnasium should pay attention to ventilation and prevent it. Direct sunlight, clean with a mop that is not wet with water every day, and maintain it regularly.
The characteristics of the eucalyptus sports floor: 1. The detachable synthetic indoor tennis court has a firm and hard texture, easy to dry, and does not change color for a long time. Its wood material ratio is large, the shrinkage is large, and the strength is high. 2. The structure of the eucalyptus sports floor is precise and detailed. Precise and precise, not easy to saw, smooth cut surface, easy to reveal ****s, warping and deformation, not easy to dry. Moisture, wear resistance, not easy to glue, coloring performance makes the call. 3, Elm International said oak, produced a lot of In the area of ​​Heilongjiang and Xiaoxing'anling in Jilin Province, China, most of the oaks seen in the market are Chinese elm.
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