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#1 Posted : Saturday, March 23, 2019 11:42:21 AM(UTC)

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The overall structure of the sports wood floor, as well as the putty and primer on the removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track, all need to use the profile material for production and processing, so as to ensure that it can continue the later service life while using Good product performance and stability. In the use, it will not cause the athlete to accidentally slip and cause physical damage because the surface paint is too slippery. Generally, this sports floor requires the overall thickness to be higher than the conventional solid wood floor. Thicker, if the conventional wooden floor can be used to a thickness of 1.5cm or 1.8cm, the overall thickness of the sports solid wood floor must be between 2.0cm and 2.6cm to ensure its movement. During the use of the wooden floor, the overall seismic performance is intact, and it has a certain sound insulation, which will not affect the normal work of the commercial personnel downstairs. The length of the sports floor board generally needs to be controlled at 90 cm. Inside, the width of the sports wooden floor needs to be controlled within 6cm. This is mainly because the solid wood floor of this size is generally not because of the natural air after installation. At the same time moisture resistance, and deformation or ****ing phenomenon occurs, the overall life of the latter can continue its use.
The above is an analysis of the price of elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court. Here, Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that before laying the stadium wooden floor, we should have a good positioning of the stadium to determine which sports floor you want to buy, and choose the appropriate sports wooden floor according to your actual situation.
In fact, sports sports wood flooring is for sports, just as its structure guarantees the ground materials of sports venues such as basketball halls, badminton halls and comprehensive venues. Euclidean sports sports wood flooring manufacturers have a professional start-up team and a perfect after-sales team to provide services for the sports venues of the entire sports stadium and theater stage!
Sports wood flooring requires the selection of the surface layer material to be stopped. It is necessary to choose moderate hardness and moderate deformation. Long-fiber structure (not easy to thorn) tree species to avoid damage to the skin. There are four professional sports wood floorings including maple, eucalyptus, eucalyptus and ash. A large number of on-site operations and performances prove that Maple Sports Floor is of good quality and is loved by everyone.
The process of renovating the sports wooden floor: 1. After the sports wooden floor of the sports hall is polished, check the flatness and clean the floor. 2. If the surface of the sports wooden floor of the sports hall is lacking, it needs to be embedded with putty. It is more suitable to use oil putty. In order to prevent it from falling off, it should be prepared to be slightly sticky. It is now used for adjustment. It is a bit of a flatness and good adhesion of the embedded patch. 3, the sports hall sports wooden ground meat paint should be based on the principle of "first up, down, first, then outside". That is, first brush the soles of the corresponding parts of the floor, and then apply the texture from the inside to the outside in the same direction. 4, when the paint is painted and the joints are not comfortable, the brush should be too neat, so it is appropriate to fork each other. Pay special attention to the use of the pen at the interface scar to be light and easy, so that the paint film is evenly painted to prevent the formation of interface marks. 5. After the paint is fully dried, it should be lightly ground with old sandpaper. When brushing the topcoat, the paint should be slightly thicker to make the paint film dry, which has both luster and fastening effect. The floor of the sports venue is refurbished. The quality of these floors is relatively good, the natural price is also expensive, and the local board shows the moment of damage. The cost of reinstallation is very high, so it is more rational to do some refurbished disposal.
General floor manufacturers will provide door-to-door service, but prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court that if you have time, especially for customers with large pavilions, if you can go to the factory warehouse or transfer station to check the goods in advance, the general manufacturers will The warehouse is equipped with a quick tester that tests the moisture content, allowing you to understand the moisture content of the floor and the pattern is consistent with the sample you are looking at.
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