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I turned my head to look at the moonlight elf, but I saw her smiling and pulling out a pair of boots from her bosom. I frowned and said, "Didn't you buy shoes today?"? Not enough? "Look at the attributes," said the Moonlight Elf with a smile. The wine bottle jokingly said beside it, "Madman, the Moonlight Elf has chosen the best one of that batch of things.". He's much more discerning than you. "Impossible?" I wondered? Is it stepping on cloud boots? It's nothing to step on cloud boots. Moonlight night elf laughs: "Step on cloud boots just is B class, I this but a class goods." As soon as I turned my head sideways, I opened my eyes wide and said with a smile, "Good thing, good thing, really good thing.". It's like learning half of Lingbo's micro-steps. Level a Item: Sunnah Boots, Footwear, Agility Bonus 20, Pace Bonus 20, Special Attributes: Not affected by various action restrictions. The big avalanche nodded and said, "Yes.". This shoe doesn't matter about anything else, but that special attribute is very practical and is not affected by all kinds of action restriction skills. Do you remember the Zhenwu Seven-cut Array that we fought in the gang war? Reduce the opponent's speed when running, although it is more and more difficult to use the array now, but poison skills, machine skills (traps) can still greatly reduce the player's movement speed, with this shoe,interactive flat panel display, it is a very practical good thing for agile players. I laughed and said, "Well, you've all got good equipment, wine bottles.". If you think that thing is not good, sell it to the big avalanche. Anyway, this boy is dressed in an iron pagoda and doesn't care about the skull mask at all. Avalanche nodded and said, "Yes, I don't pick up girls. I just need to fight. Good equipment is useless to me." The bottle hesitated for a moment and said with a smile,65 inch smart board, "Well, you take something to exchange, and you don't need something of the same level. We share it together. You take it at ordinary times, and sometimes you give it to me when I want to fight a gang war and use the land. What do you say?" The big avalanche nodded and said, "Well, am I not taking advantage?"? However. What equipment do you lack now? I declare in advance that I don't have such a thing as skill book, which is lacking in the whole server. I threw my B-grade wristband to the bottle, and the bottle looked at it and said with a smile, "Skeleton wristband, you got this thing?"? 5% chance of a 10% crushing blow? The attributes are passable, and it's easy to play BOSS. "What is the attribute of crushing blow?" The Moonlight Elf asked? It sounds very fierce. Chapter 151 break through the strong city. Hearing the moonlight elf asking about this attribute, the other three looked at each other, and the big avalanche said, "Younger brother and sister, 75 inch smart board ,smartboard for business, this attribute is quite special.". If you put it in other games, it's a very useful attribute, but in this game. The effect is greatly weakened. Seeing the Moon Elf's puzzled face, I explained, "This attribute can reduce the monster's life by X% in a single attack.". Generally speaking, it is not cost-effective to play Xiaoguai, but it is very good for the big BOSS, even for Ouyang Feng, a 5% can reduce Ouyang Feng's blood volume by 10%, which is a high or low attribute. The big avalanche untied his belt and handed it to the bottle. The bottle was startled and teased, "Brother, I'm not carrying a mountain on my back. I don't need to take off my pants, do I?" The big avalanche glared at him and said, "Who will carry the mountain with you?"? Take it yourself. Wine bottle reads: "B class sharkskin belt, belt class, additional attribute, 30% scatter attack." Asked hesitantly, "Big Avalanche, are you sure you can exchange this with me?"? Scatter attack is the most powerful attribute in your long soldier. The big avalanche pointed at my wristband and said with a smile, "These two together will be exchanged with you." The bottle hesitated for a moment and threw the tomb shadow mask over. The big avalanche grabbed it with one hand and said with a smile, "You'll have to use it when the time comes. Just send a message." The bottle nodded and said, "Well, let's go and see what good things we can come up with by fighting north and south.".
” At this time, my skill has reached the peak of the advanced level, almost to the master level. Because of the highest frequency of use, with the help of Sunflower Treasure Book, my skill has jumped three levels to the advanced level. And Taijiquan has also reached the intermediate level, because the frequency of use of Ziyan Sandie is not very high. Just past the elementary level. To the intermediate stage. Watch the proficiency of these new skills increase. Finally, this period of hard work has not been in vain. When we spread out and entered the north and south war mission, we found that the plot was progressing faster than we had imagined, and the Mongolian fighters had begun to March to Samarkand, the famous city of Khwarizm, which was the new capital of Khwarizm. Assemble hundreds of thousands of troops to defend. The city has enough refined grain. The city defense was complete, and the walls were so strong that they were said to be unique in the world. Genghis Khan ordered the Fourth Route Army to join forces to attack. I went straight to find Guo Jing in the army. But did not go to Guo Jing. Instead, he first went to the Mongolian conscription office to take over the task and traveled south along the Nami River, arriving at the gates of Samarkand. Players all know that Guo Jing has the least number of people in the four routes at this time. Following Guo Jing to maximize the progress of the task, I saw the whole army in the city switch to fight, but was Guo Jing cloth downwind Yang, cloud hanging two array. Half a day. Thousands of enemies were killed, and many players saw that they could take advantage of it. In a rush, the enemy who came to fight abruptly cut off from behind, a round of hard kill, unexpectedly will be the more than twenty thousand troops forced all out, flower thorn model army gas for it, closed the gates. Can't hold out. The second day, Genghis Khan's army. As well as the two armies of Shuchi and Chagatai arrived one after another, plus four players. At least there are millions of troops,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, at a glance, all over the mountains and plains with flags. The sound of people and horses was earth-shaking, and a large group of cavalry galloped to and fro in the sound of guns. Many players had never seen so many people gathered together. The grandeur of the scene really fascinated everyone. hsdsmartboard.com
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