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High temperature refractory brick
High Temperature Refractory brick product introduction

Firebrick is short for High Temperature refractory brick.Refractory material fired from refractory clay or other refractory materials.Pale yellow or brownish.It is mainly used for building smelting furnaces and can withstand high temperature of 1,580 ℃ -- 1,770 ℃.Also called firebrick.Refractory material having a certain shape and size.It can be used as high temperature building materials and structural materials for building kilns and various thermal equipment, and can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical action at high temperature.For example, refractory clay brick, high aluminum Refractory brick, silicon brick, magnesium brick and so on.

Classification of High Temperature refractory brick

1. High aluminum refractory brick: Al2O3 content is more than 75, refractories are higher than clay brick, acid and alkali corrosion resistance is good, suitable for cement kiln firing zone, long service life but high price

2. Fire clay brick:Al2O3 content of 30%~40% aluminum silicate clay products.Clay brick is made of 50% soft clay and 50% hard clay clinker, batching according to certain particle size requirements, after molding, drying, fired at 1300~1400℃.The mineral composition of clay brick is mainly kaolinite (Al2O3·2SiO2·2H2O) and 6%~7% impurities (oxides of potassium, sodium, calcium, titanium and iron).

3. magnesia chrome brick: hang kiln skin is good, more used for firing belt, the disadvantage is poor thermal shock resistance, plus positive hexvalent Cr is highly toxic, the international production and use of magnesia chrome brick countries gradually reduced, now use this brick production units to find substitutes as soon as possible

4. Spinel brick: more used for excessive belt, good seismic performance, good resistance to reduction, but slightly less refractory

5. Silicon carbide brick: high temperature resistance (about 1800 degrees, load softening temperature in 1620-1640), small thermal expansion coefficient, resistance to cold and heat wear resistance are good suitable for cooling belt and kiln

6. Silicon brick: good thermal shock, high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for excessive belt.

High temperature refractory brick (1)

Common properties

1. Volume density: unit volume weight, density, good density, strength may be high, but the coefficient of thermal conductivity may be large 3, significant porosity: did not do specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the significant porosity.

2. Load softening temperature: also known as high temperature load deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, mark the resistance of material high temperature resistance

3. Thermal shock resistance: the ability to resist rapid changes in temperature without being destroyed

4. Compressive strength: withstand (normal temperature) the maximum pressure capacity

5. Flexural strength: the ability to withstand shear pressure

6. Linear rate of change: also known as refiring line change or residual line change, refers to the volume expansion and contraction change in the same temperature change every time. If each expansion and contraction are the same, we define such linear rate of change as 0.

High temperature refractory brick (2)

Use temperature and position of High temperature refractory brick

High temperature firebrick has high strength, simple construction, wide use, easy materials, suitable for all kinds of industrial kiln masonry, its use and use temperature are different, the following experience is summarized from years of experience, I hope to be helpful to you.

1. Ordinary refractory clay brick physical and chemical indexes, size allowable deviation and shape products section layer ****, should comply with the specification.Common refractory clay bricks are used as the refractory masonry of general furnaces.The temperature of lining material, furnace wall, furnace bottom and flue is below 1250℃.The combustion chamber is allowed to be used above 1400℃.

2. The physical and chemical indexes of high aluminum brick, product dimensions, allowable deviation, etc., should conform to the specification.High alumina brick is used in the area of high temperature resistance and wear resistance of general furnace or the masonry with large load, burner brick and the masonry with special requirements.The vault of the high temperature area of the combustion chamber is allowed to use the temperature of 1300 ~ 1650℃.

3. The physical and chemical indexes of light clay brick, allowable deviation of product size and cross-section requirements of appearance products should meet the specifications.Lightweight refractory clay brick, as a furnace lining not to be eroded by high temperature slag and corrosive gas, according to the capacity of different, the use of temperature between 1150 ~ 1400℃.

4. Light high aluminum brick physical and chemical indexes, dimensions allowed deviation should be in line with the specification.Used for heat resistant lining with working temperature below 1350℃, also can be used for masonry without high temperature melt erosion and scour effect, can be directly in contact with the flame.

5. General corundum brick is suitable for the lining of the fire face of heavy oil gasifier under the working pressure of 3MPa, the important part of the lining of the salt wastewater incinerator, and the radiant burner brick working at high temperature.The general use of corundum brick temperature in 1600 ~ 1670℃ below.

6. Silicon carbide firebrick has good thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, can resist reducing atmosphere, and high strength, often used as a heat-resistant, wear-resistant lining, and need to have good thermal stability, thermal conductivity and reducing atmosphere occasions, silicon carbide refractory products use temperature below 1400 ~ 1600℃.

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Package Informations:
Package in 1m * 1m fumigated wooden tray, covered with waterproof plastic film, and tied tightly with plastic bandage.

We can also pack the goods according to your requirement.


1. Fedex/DHL/UPS TNT as sample.

2. Partial shipment.

3. Designated freight forwarder or negotiable mode of transport.

4. Delivery time: 3 days for ordinary shape samples and 15 days for special shape samples.Delivery within 30 days of shipment.

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Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a merchant?

A: Factory + Trade (mainly production, but also some related products).

Q2: What is the minimum quantity for a trial order?

A: There is no limit. We can provide the best suggestions and solutions according to your requirements.

Q3: When will the goods be delivered after the order is confirmed?

A: Depending on the quantity of your order, it usually takes 25-30 days after you receive your deposit.

Q4: Does your company accept customization?

We have our own factory and excellent technical team, we accept OEM service.

Q5: What certificates do you have?

A: MA, AL, ilac-MRA, CNAS.

Q6: Can you provide samples?

Of course, the sample is completely free!The freight shall be borne by the buyer. http://www.huanya-refractory.com
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