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"I know that the mission can't go straight to the time before something happens." The woman looked at Xia Meng in a daze, but seemed to be looking through her. "So, you're going to divorce me.". I want to know whether I was too proud to know how to retain the separation, or because of something else. "Good." Summer Meng nodded with a smile and reached out to press the start button on one side. When she closed her eyes and pulled away her soul, she felt a chill in her heart. When she was most slack, the system suddenly made an original owner to increase the difficulty of the task. Why on earth? What are the intentions of the people behind the manipulation? "Mommy!" As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a little boy open the door and run in, throwing himself directly on the bed, his lovely and handsome face full of fear: "Mommy!"! Are you going to be separated from your father? Don't you want to admire it? Xia Tianmeng stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair gently. He asked softly, "Mu Mu, this is about Mom and Dad. I believe you are sensible enough to respect other people's opinions, right?" Zhuo Jia Mu flat mouth is very sad grievance, but still sensible nod: "I know, just Mu Mu reluctant to give up Mommy..." When he was young, he did not understand why the beautiful family suddenly became like this. Grandma and grandpa disappeared, grandpa and grandma's attitude towards Mommy became so bad, Daddy did not go home, the servants in the family were not kind,interactive touch screens education, Mommy always cried alone. He did not know what was going on, but he knew that the beautiful family before was gone. Xia Tianmeng touched Zhuo Jiamu's head, but his mind was thinking that at this time, as a female partner, his family had just gone bankrupt, his parents had a car accident on the highway because they were being chased,interactive boards for classrooms, and the original daughter of a rich family had hundreds of millions of debts overnight. Her husband's parents-in-law, on the pretext of living separately, had no intention of helping at all, and were always cynical. Her husband began to stay out at night again. The Zhuo's Group, which had come up from her home, became one of the top three in the country, but no one was willing to help her. The original owner said to let her go back to the time of divorce first, so now is the male protagonist Zhuo Xize just met the pure and kind daughter, the heroine Lin Jiaxun. The original owner did not want to be so painful in the future, so he wanted her to stay at the source of the pain. But Now the two of them respect each other like ice. They often don't see each other for a week. When they go to the company, even the reception in the lobby doesn't allow her to go upstairs. Mumu, do you know what day it is today? Summer Meng gently touched his cheek and asked. Zhuo Jiamu laughed when he heard this: "Mommy!"! Today is my birthday! Summer Meng kissed him on the cheek with a smile and boasted, "Mu Mu is so clever!"! Mumu, 75 smart board ,4k smart board, shall we make a cake together? "Good!" Zhuo Jiamu cheered and pulled Summer Meng up, pushing her to change clothes, Mommy has not laughed for a long time, he is so happy to see the gentle Mommy now! Summer sprouted into the dressing room, looking at the woman in the floor mirror, a waist-length black hair was loosely tied to one side, plain face, beautiful face full of fatigue, black eyes at the moment showed that she had not rested well these days, just because of her temperament protruding, so she just looked weak but did not reduce the face value. This woman has experienced too many blows in a short period of time, such as the death of her parents, the bankruptcy of her family, the cold reception of her parents-in-law, and the cold violence of her husband. All this was suddenly borne by her, a woman who had never experienced setbacks before, and she was already strong, at least not yet broken. In the original text, the original owner is still indulging in pain at the moment. Today is Zhuo Jiamu's birthday and their wedding anniversary. But in the novel, Zhuo Xize is very bored when he comes home and sees his wife's muddleheaded appearance, so he loses his temper and sends the divorce agreement the next day. The original owner hoped that she could keep the marriage for her. Summer Meng changed into a pure white sleeveless yarn dress, with a little pink petals on it, and the waist style made her waist very slender and soft. The long hair is pulled down and combed straight, without a trace of embellishment, but it has the aesthetic feeling of lotus out of clear water. Put on a little foundation to make it look less morbid. She looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror and raised her lips slightly. "I will help you.".
” She read the story and knew how bitter the woman's life was. Her wonderful life ended when the family business went bankrupt, and after the divorce.. It's even worse. Mummy! Are you ready? Zhuo Jiamu knocked on the door in a low voice, showing a small head, and saw the happy expression of summer's cute dress, "Mommy hasn't worn such a beautiful dress for a long time!"! Mommy is so beautiful! Summer Meng bent his knees with a smile and touched his head: "Mu Mu, today is your birthday, will Mommy take you to make a cake?" Zhuo Jiamu jumped up and kissed her face happily: "Good!"! Mommy's the best! He likes this kind of mommy. She smiles gently and doesn't cry all the time. Xia Tianmeng took his hand and left the room, thinking that since Zhuo Xize would come back, she would try it today. 、190. No Chapter 190: Phoenix Man Abandoning His Wife and Son [2] At home, Wang Ma was mopping the floor on the first floor. She was surprised to see Summer Meng leading Zhuo Jiamu downstairs. Then she casually asked, "Madam, did you get up?"? It's getting late now, and I thought my wife was going to sleep until she got up at night. The original owner often shut himself in the room because of emotional problems, in addition to Zhuo Jiamu will go to deliver meals to her, these servants will only go into the master bedroom at night to clean up. Because of the attitude of the Zhuo family, none of the servants in the villa treated Summer Meng as a hostess. Even Mrs. Zhuo,smart board interactive whiteboard, who often came, often said something specious when she came. The servants here all knew that Summer Meng was not liked by Zhuo's family. Mrs. Zhuo even said several times that she wanted Zhuo Xize to marry someone else. In their opinion, Mrs. Summer Meng can't do it for long. Which big family will want a daughter-in-law who is still carrying hundreds of millions of debts after the bankruptcy of the family business. hsdsmartboard.com
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