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Linger nodded, and the Hunter Saint continued, "Since I accepted you as my apprentice, I have abdicated to the present Hunter Emperor and taken you to travel around the world. But when you took the Hunter Grade Examination, I learned a shocking thing from the Hunter Emperor!" Hunting Saint frowned, "When you were fourteen years old, a young man with the Wolf King broke into the Hunter Association and defeated the Hunting Emperor and the Eight Elders!" "Huh?" Linger exclaimed, "can a young man defeat the Hunting Emperor and the Eight Elders?"? This She couldn't go on. She wouldn't have believed a word if the master hadn't said it herself! The hunter caressed Linger's head and said, "It's absolutely true!"! Elder Tianxing made a divination and concluded that no one in the world could subdue him except one person. Hunting Saint sighed, "This man is you, Linger!" "What?"? It's me? I can only make three moves under the company of the eight elders, and I.. Linger jumped up. "The Star Elder will not miscalculate, and you will meet at the age of twenty." Linger wanted to stay in the nameless mountain for a few days, but Hu Yi couldn't go up the mountain. The hunting saint found him a good place-a hidden cave at the foot of the nameless mountain. He practiced half a day, and Hu Yi was so happy that he didn't want to go back home! One day, the hunter received a letter and hurried down the mountain. Linger was bored on the mountain, so she left a message to her master saying that she would go to a nearby mountain village for a walk. Linger and Hu Yi live in a village named Zhangjiaji, where the scenery is beautiful and the mountains and white clouds are towering, which is a rare place. But on the second day of their stay, a strange thing happened in the village. There are about 200 families living in Zhangjiaji, mainly with the surname of Zhang. The village head's name is Zhang Laosan. Zhang Laosan lost his wife in middle age, leaving four sons. The eldest is Zhang Jin, the second is Zhang Yin,fake blossom tree, the third is Zhang Tong, and the fourth is Zhang Tie. (Linger once discussed with Hu Yi, how can these four sons be worse than one? Ultimately, there is no answer.) Four people are more than twenty years old, Zhang Jin and Zhang Yin are farmers at home, Zhang Tong went to college, and Zhang Tie is idle all day, making trouble. Zhang Tong brought his girlfriend home during the summer vacation. In this backward and closed village,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, everyone knows who has a few bowls. People like Zhang Tong, who have great knowledge, naturally pay more attention to the people in the village. But Zhang Tong's girlfriend has not come out since she arrived at Zhang's house, but every night the neighbors heard Zhang Tong's laughter and the woman's charming laughter. On the second day of Linger and Hu Yi's stay at the fair, Zhang Tie, the strong elephant head, went crazy! Naked in the street, running around screaming, poor Zhang Jin and Zhang Yin, two honest people chasing around the street. At this time, Linger and Hu Yi were eating in the only small restaurant in the village. Seeing this scene, Linger quickly turned away and blushed with shame. She wants to use immobilization to immobilize Zhang Tie, so that he can not run around and affect the weathering! But Zhang Tie was still running and jumping around, shouting something in his mouth, "I." I smile to the sky from the horizontal knife. Beauty in my arms.. Ha ha ha Full of crazy talk, Linger thought that his magic was out of order, faux grass wall ,fake ficus tree, so he used immobilization to Hu Yi, thinking in his heart that Zhang Tie was really a hooligan, crazy and so uncivilized, stripped naked. But it can be exported as a poem! Hu Yi is looking at the excitement, ready to put a steamed stuffed bun into his mouth, defenseless he was Linger to give the immobilization to be fixed! Holding the steamed stuffed bun in his right hand, he stopped at his wide mouth. Seeing that the magic was not out of order, Linger shouted several times to Zhang Tie, but it didn't work, which had never happened before! When Zhang Tie ran away, Linger was puzzled and thought, "Is it true that when people get naked, they will restrain each other in the art of immobilization?"? No way! She hurried after him and left Hu Yi on the stall.
At this time, a little boy looked at his brother, who was more beautiful than his sister, and asked his mother in puzzlement: "Niang, this brother is holding steamed stuffed buns with saliva, why doesn't he eat it?" The little boy's mother also looked at Hu Yi and said, "He is also a madman." Walk quickly! He's crying! Maybe later he'll take off his clothes and run around beating people. After Linger caught up with the Zhang brothers, he found that the crazy Zhang Tie had been pressed to the ground. Zhang Jin was constantly thanking a man, while Zhang Yin was looking around for a rope to tie up the struggling Zhang Tie. Linger saw that he had been restrained and turned to go back. "Miss Linger, I didn't expect to see you here." As soon as she looked back, she saw that the man who had restrained Zhang Tie was looking at her. "Do you know me?" She asked. The man walked up to Linger and said, "You and I are from the same school, the Foreign Language Department. My name is Chang Xiao.". Maybe I should call you the Spirit Hunter. "You're a hunter, too?" She was not too surprised to laugh and call out the title given to her by the hunting emperor. He shook his head and said, "I'm not a hunter. As for who I am, I think your master should have mentioned it to you." Linger stepped back. "You shouldn't be." That man? She thought, originally such a romantic thing, let me meet, the hero is not very handsome, at least to a hero to save the United States or something, and then tell me who he is, he saw me. She suddenly felt a little scared and ran away without thinking. Chang Xiao did not go after him, but gave a wry smile. Linger walked around aimlessly for a while and found that he seemed to have forgotten something. He thought carefully that Hu Yi was still at the stall, so he went back to look for him. As soon as she arrived at the stall, she found that Hu Yi had not been untied after being immobilized by herself, and she came closer to see. Poor Hu Yi, tears streaming down his face, a lot of saliva flowing out of his wide mouth, the steamed buns in his hands are full of dust, and because of the existence of saliva and tears on his face, they are covered with some hay chicken feathers and so on. Linger hurriedly removed Hu Yi's immobilization, only to see Hu Yi "wow" a cry out and ran to the well with the fastest speed to keep gargling and washing his face, Linger went over to apologize guiltily, only to see Hu Yi pull down a piece of red cloth hanging in the well, bite in his mouth and look at Linger with tears. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she heard, "What a shameless person who even stole the diapers of my fourth son. It's really poor and crazy!" Linger slowly, slowly turned his eyes to the red cloth in Hu's mouth,silk ficus tree, twitched the corners of his mouth, and ran quickly in the direction of the hotel! Then came from behind: "Good!"! It's you! You look like a dog, but I didn't expect you to do such a thing. Hu Yi's miserable cry echoed in Linger's ears. hacartificialtree.com
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