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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 15, 2022 6:57:48 AM(UTC)

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Qi Fuzhang glanced at the unknown girl who suddenly jumped up with joy. That's for you. He had found her hiding behind the stone and staring at the two fish, and then he went to catch two more. But to his surprise, he squatted here and waited for him to come back. As for her eyes just now. Endure the sticky touch of wet clothes and simply wrap it around his waist is his last bottom line. Just look around, and you won't lose a piece of meat. Give it to me Lu was stunned and hesitated to look sideways at the two fish again. So Is this a token of love? The little mermaid could not help but look back blankly at the young man whose eyes were slightly restrained and looked very serious, and fell into a tangle. If it's a token of love. Then how can she eat it! And, and this fish will be bad?! Remuneration "But I don't seem to have anything to give you." Hesitantly, the little mermaid glanced up at the young man and said in a small voice, "Can I make it up tomorrow?" She really didn't take anything with her when she went out this time. In addition to a drawing, there was only one big conch in her small bag. But the conch was a birthday gift from her father and mother. It is also the symbol of the mermaid royal family, calling on all things in the water. Lu hesitantly looked down at his jewel-encrusted skirt, frowning in distress. Well, do you want to pull a few beads off your skirt? Is it too casual? And she wasn't sure if the sparkle that these mermaids preferred would be popular with humans. "Reward?" Qi Fuzhang turned the branches in his hands, and at the same time narrowed his long and narrow phoenix eyes and yawned lazily, his eyes fixed on the roast rabbit that had already turned golden. No, it doesn't take much effort to catch fish. It was the small rabbit in his hand that took him a lot of time. Had it not been for the thought that the girl, who did not know where she came from, might not have eaten all night, and that she was the only living person he had seen on the island so far, why would he have gone to so much trouble. Lu Leng Leng, reward? So Didn't mean what she thought? She suddenly turned her head away, instantly not entangled, directly reached for a string of fish, with a little shame and anger to open her mouth angrily bit a small bite, but suddenly found that good. Magical taste? The little mermaid moved slightly, blinked with some surprise,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and after a short period of thought, opened her mouth and tried to take another bite. Originally steaming fish at this time has been slightly cool, has not been as strong as before, but just in line with the mermaid's preference for raw and cold food. And because of the lack of seasoning, it is not difficult to accept that the original taste of sea fish is accompanied by the burning fragrance of the flame, but because it neutralizes the relationship between the two, it has a special taste compared with the complete raw fish. Lu blinked as if his blue eyes were shining, which was a pleasant surprise. The prince he took a fancy to was really not an ordinary human being. It was so delicious to roast a fish casually. And even if the grilled fish is delicious, people are still so good-looking! The little mermaid squinted and chewed the fish contentedly, but when she turned her head, she forgot that she had been unhappy because the fish was not a token of love, and she was only secretly happy. It's like finding some kind of treasure. Qi Fuzhang casually glanced at her, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic generator driver, saw her sitting upright, two hands carefully holding the two ends of the branch, a serious small bite to eat, then no longer in charge. However, looking at this gesture, he should also have received an orthodox upbringing. How did he suddenly appear alone near his sinking ship. Thinking like this, Qi Fuzhang looked at the girl's delicate wrist again, and once again confirmed that the string of pearls that had previously fallen on his clothes belonged to this person. He withdrew the line of sight, and then slightly gathered the phoenix eyes, but there was no plan to return the chain to the girl immediately. Lu will bite the meat on the back of the fish out of a big gap, suddenly think of something, suddenly raised his head, to Qi Fuzhang subconsciously look at the line of sight but immediately panic not to open their eyes, a little nervous way, "well." I just want to ask, where is your country? Qi Fuzhang glanced at her lazily, removed the rabbit and fish that had been roasted from the fire, thought about it, and said in general, "Qi Guo.".
” Qi Guo has a lot of distance from this sea area, and it is estimated that this little girl does not know exactly where she is. Qi Guo? Lu subconsciously repeated, but with two beautiful blue eyes and a blank face. What, never heard of it? Is there a country with only one short word? Suddenly, however, the little mermaid seemed to finally realize something, and looked inquiringly at the young man's long black hair tied behind his head, and then at the deep dark eyes. Yeah. How could this guy have black hair and black eyes. Mingming's books are full of golden hair and colorful eyes. And, and.. She seems to have never seen a prince with long hair. Lu struggled to see the young man's face in her heart without washing, took a deep breath and wanted to force a smile, but the next second he was going to cry out like an expression of grievance, and choked with his mouth, "That, that you are Qi Guo." The prince? Qi Fu Zhangfeng raised her eyes slightly and grinned, "No." Prince? How can a normal person jump directly from a country to the royal family? His face grew cold. Are you, are you lying to me? Lu held the grilled fish and sucked his little nose, but he was stubborn and unwilling to believe the reality. You just don't like me, so you lie to me, right? Lu twisted his brows and found the last reason for himself. However, the true feelings of the crystal tears are lingering in the eyes, reflected in the light blue light, to drop. The little mermaid felt uncomfortable. How could she torment the mermaid like this. Qi Fuzhang's eyes were attracted by the faint tears that were not right,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and he frowned unconsciously. Just as he wanted to take a closer look, Lu threw away the grilled fish and raised his hand to block his eyes. Then he suddenly lowered his arm and stared at the young man with his blue eyes, which had been rubbed red. Unspeakable grievance and pity. fycgsonic.com
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