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Zhou Yao looked at Lin Tian in surprise and said, "It's Apple's limited edition computer. It has four cores and 2000 gigabytes of hard disk storage space. The desktop is a picture of green mountains and green waters." Lin Tian did not speak. He asked Xiao Ling in his mind, "Xiao Ling, how is it? Have you found it?" "Found the owner, Zhou Yao's computer is in her downstairs dormitory room, and is being connected to the Internet." Xiao Ling said excitedly, "What about the master? Are you going to hack it?" "Black, black you ghost!" Lin Tian cursed bitterly. How to let Zhou Yao know that her computer is in her downstairs dormitory room and not let her suspect, this is a headache for Lin Tian, but immediately, Lin Tian no longer think about this problem, because that day Lin Wei appeared in front of them, coldly looking at Lin Tian as if looking at a dead body! Brothers, there are recommended votes to help cast, almost a little bit can be rushed to the new book potential list, ha ha! [Text Chapter 14 Forum Disturbance! (Tickets!) ] "Yao Mei, you are relatively simple, do not be with some messy people, otherwise, spread to Uncle Zhou's ears, I am afraid it will make Uncle Zhou unhappy!" Lin Wei looked at Lin Tiandao with a look of contempt. Lin Wei, don't call me Yao Mei, I am not so close to you, in addition,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Lin Tian is my friend, not a mess of people, these two points please remember! Zhou Yao frowned. As if he hadn't heard Zhou Yao's words, Lin Wei snorted coldly to Lin Tian, "It seems that you have forgotten what I said last time. This is very good, very good. Life is too dull to taste. Lin Tian, there is a bright side and a dark side in the world. Do you know?" Lin Tian nodded earnestly: "I know, for example,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I represent the bright side of the world, and you represent the dark side!" " Zhou Yao chuckled, but she did not expect Lin Tian to say such a serious thing, "it seems that he is not so dull!" Zhou Yao thought to herself. You, hum, lip service is useless, if you want to get what you want, you still have to rely on strength to end up poor! Lin Wei sneered. Lin Tian nodded and said, "This is a human word. Lin Wei stopped us just to let us know that you can also speak human words."? If this is the case, we have already heard it. Lin Wei, you can get out of the way! I don't know why, Lin Tian is very annoying to Lin Wei, not just because of Lin Wei's condescending eyes, usually, Lin Tian usually does not leave no room to satirize others, but now he has done it, and after saying it, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, there is a feeling of refreshment in his heart! Zhou Yao looked at Lin Tian worriedly. He knew how powerful Lin Wei's Lin family was. Although Lin Tian knew a little martial arts, he didn't think Lin Tian could compete with a huge family power. I was going to arrange an accident for you, but now I realize that maybe it's a better idea to torture you to death slowly! Lin Wei's voice sounded in Lin Tian's ears, but Lin Tian did not see Lin Wei's lips move, "sound into the secret!" Such an idea flashed through Lin Tian's mind. Xiao Ling, detect Lin Wei's strength! Lin Tian said in his mind. Soon, Xiao Ling's voice rang out: "Master, Lin Wei's cell strength is 503, cell vitality is 430, mental strength is 231, and Xiao Bai's strength is slightly weaker." "Sure enough, there is horizontal capital!" Lin Tian heart secret way, at the same time also secretly sigh with emotion, this world's master, also a little too much, before did not get the star ring when how did not find so many masters! In fact, the masters are not as many as Lin Tian imagined, just because Haitian University is the top university in the country, it brings together countless elite talents. People who practice martial arts have higher mental strength than ordinary people, and their memory is naturally superior to ordinary people. Most of them can be admitted to top universities like Haitian University if they study.
People in different times, there are different circles of communication, before Lin Tian is just an ordinary person, his circle of communication is just a circle of ordinary people, but now he is barely a superman, naturally came into contact with some things he could not touch before. Lin Wei said the threat by means of a secret voice and turned away, "Lin Tian, did Lin Wei say something?" Zhou Yao is more sensitive, feel Lin Wei simply can not leave without saying a word after listening to Lin Tian's sarcasm, she was born in an aristocratic family, although for some reasons did not practice martial arts, but more or less heard of something! Lin Tian shook his head: "Or you go back to the dormitory, I will help you find your computer!" " "No, we agreed to go shopping together. Even if you can help me find my computer, I have to accompany you to finish shopping first." Zhou Yao said, "Lin Tian, what do you want to buy?" "Laptop" Lin Tiandao. " Zuo Yunfei said you won the lottery when he surfed the Internet last night. It seems to be true! Zhou Yao laughed. The two of them went outside the school. Along the way, Lin Tian did not know how many murderous eyes he had encountered. If it hadn't been for his strong psychological endurance recently, he might have left Zhou Yao and fled. Thanks to you, from today on, I, Lin Tian, may become a campus celebrity! Lin Tiandao, he knew that the news that came out with Zhou Yao today would soon spread to every corner of the campus. Gold will shine wherever it goes. Even if you are not famous today, it's only a matter of time before you become famous! Zhou Yao covered her mouth and said with a smile, "If you are too low-key, maybe you will become mediocre if you are not careful!" There is a computer city near Haitian University, but Lin Tian doesn't have to run far. Master, just buy one, I can help you optimize the computer, to ensure that it will not be worse than Zhou Yao's Apple Limited Edition! Xiao Ling grinned in Lin Tian's mind. Lin Tian secretly nodded, quickly picked an ordinary notebook computer, the price is less than four thousand,ultrasonic cutting machine, cheaper than the mobile phone he bought, and configuration, is much worse than Zhou Yao's four-core apple!. fycgsonic.com
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