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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 15, 2022 6:54:16 AM(UTC)

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"The damn thing is finally dead." The promise looked at finally completely withered Youquan grass, some of the relief of the teeth, the body is still straight. Small solitary also finally no longer need to do three feet to walk the wolf, four paws in that above a burst of crazy trample, happy to scatter happy to run around. Looking at the grass ash destroyed by Xiao Gu, the shadow blade in the palm of his hand was hidden again. Master, master, there is a door. The little orphan who ran back was both happy and perturbed. I nodded and took back the pet space that I had worked so hard for a long time and let it rest. Come on, we can finally get out of this. Wuji smiled, I gently slanted my head, looked at his back straight to the corner, quickly stepped forward, grabbed his arm, effortlessly let it rest on his shoulder, the other hand to help him, put most of his body weight on his body. Wuji stared at me in a daze. I started uncomfortably, and then I heard his voice of muffled laughter angrily. Out of the corner, the two doors are opposite in color, but equally strong. The door is closed tightly to show its towering posture before coming. If it's a little more round, it's a Taiji map. It's really interesting, hehe. Wuji,inflatable water slide, who is mentally exhausted, is still in the mood to tease at the moment. I lightly glanced at him, and then looked at the black and white, but respectively depicted the divine light shining on the earth, the dead in hell destroyed the earth, this is the light camp and the dark camp. Let's go in. Seeing that I began to wander again, Wuji stretched out a claw and shook it a few times in front of my line of sight. After pulling my line of sight back to him, he motioned. I glanced at him with an expressionless face,Inflatable mechanical bull, stepped forward as he said, and stopped at the wall one meter away from the door. What's going on? Is there anything to do? The infinite is puzzled ~ I lift, then compulsively push to sit on the ground. I turned around and sat next to him against the wall. Without looking at him, I said lightly, "You need a rest." ——————————————————————————— Quack, quack, quack. Adultery continues ing ~! (Ahem, please use the wording of WS) [Chapter 24 Eerie Light and Dark Idol] He opened his eyes wide in surprise, then laughed again, but did not refuse to stretch. Then he fell on my lap without hesitation, closed his eyes, and muttered, "Then I'm not polite." I was stiff on the spot, but when I saw that he could no longer hide his tiredness, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable air dancer, I relaxed myself and stared silently at his completely relaxed face. I gently pursed my lips and looked at the guy who used his thigh as a pillow. Although I promised him, I knew very little about him. In his own impression, he is a strange person, is a more powerful person than himself, rarely see his serious appearance, most of them are lazy and ruffian, but no matter what things are not in the eyes of the general. Also a changeable person, serious, bloodthirsty, proud of many different appearances, as if there are countless masks, people can not help but be curious about him. Moreover, looking at it like this, however, it is not as evil as Sheng Mo, not as gentle and bookish as the cold day, but it is a kind of sunshine, healthy and handsome, but I do not know why, I still feel that the promise in the killing is the most real, but also.. The best looking. Gently put himself down completely, leaning firmly against the wall of the cave, looking at his pale face, confusion swept through his heart again. Why does he like himself? Am I really as good as he said? Do I really deserve such a person? Such as ink-like astringent in the bottom of my heart dizzy, gently raised his hand, stick to their own face to the extreme of this ordinary, and soon put down. Again silent to him, thank you like me, really, can not match your appearance, I will try ten times to like you, just hope you like. If it can last a little longer, don't let me find that it's just a dream in the end. On the day when the dream is broken, I may really kill you. After a pause, I gently slanted my head. What I said is true. Very seriously looking at the peaceful sleep of the promise, but this time did not come out of the murderous look, but once again firm their own words.
The peaceful air flowed gently in the spacious hole. Soothe silently. Time goes by without knowing it. Six hours later. Wuji wakes up from a good dream. Open your eyes. He saw the little girl squinting against the wall. Silently evoke a faint smile. This is also a big step forward in their feelings. Push under the waist. Get up. A slight vibration woke me up from my shallow sleep. Wuji's white teeth shine. The hand was on top of my head. There was another flurry of rubbing. I saw the masterpiece of my bird's nest. More happy. "Good morning," the voice said cheerfully. He ignored his childish action. He silently recited a word of cleanliness. Once again, the hairstyle becomes stable but not messy. Moved and paralyzed the ground. He stood up against the wall with some difficulty. Before I could stand still. Wuji hugged me against him. One side tone chagrin ground muttered: "How to forget this stubble … …" Girl. Let me rub it for you. I gritted my teeth. Shake your head. He simply leaned against him and moved his legs to the ground. The uncomfortable feeling made me frown. Wuji looked at me with the expression of a pupil who had made a mistake. Although the pillow was comfortable, it seemed that he would not need it in the future. He was willing to let his girl suffer this again. But a little rest is still OK, can not be used for a long time (convex-,-convex). When I finally moved my numb feet, I raised my eyes, took a look at Wuji, and then looked at the black and white door. Let's go. I'm sorry for taking so long. The promise said so, but there was no embarrassed expression on his face. I was too lazy to look at him, so I went straight to the door and pushed the huge bipolar door open. But these two doors only need their own force when they just touch the ground,Inflatable water park on lake, when they open a gap, they begin to open automatically to both sides, no longer consume half of my strength. joyshineinflatables.com
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