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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 15, 2022 6:53:45 AM(UTC)

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"Hello!"! Yoon Jinchen! You Tong Xiaole's face was flushed with anger, but she had not forgotten what she was doing with him. She suddenly shouted, "Yin, what are you doing?"! What's the hurry to go home? You finally had an afternoon off and said you would accompany me out to buy vegetables. Why did you leave when you saw those women? Do you have me in your heart? Ah? Tell me.. Didn't you say you loved me to some extent? How to be seen by others. Yin Jinchen suddenly let go of his hand, let go of Tong Xiaole, and suddenly turned around, with a dangerous cold light in his eyes. Ignoring a circle of onlookers, Yin Jinchen narrowed his eyes coldly and walked slowly back to Tong Xiaole with a proud and domineering face: "You say.." What "Well.." You want me to say it again? Tong Xiaole looked at him with a smile. "Oh, I'm going to buy some potatoes and eggplants. Have you ever eaten the three delicacies?"? Hey hey, honey.. Wait for me for a while. I'm going to buy some more. Tong Xiaole threw a wink at him with a smile and turned to run away, trying to give him the mess. Wait Yin Jinchen took her slender wrist again and pulled her back. Tong Xiaole fell back to Yin Jinchen in an instant of weightlessness and almost hit him in his arms. She quickly stood firm and raised her eyes to stare at him: "What are you doing?" "Make clear what you just said." Yin Jinchen squinted coldly, showing a cold light that made people feel a little frightened. Um. I I'm telling the truth! In a twinkling of an eye, Tong Xiaole looked around at the suspicious and curious people. With a tight heart, he turned his head and continued to look at him: "What's wrong?"? You don't want to admit it? Yin Jinchen,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, how can you do this. How long have I been with you? Whoo.. Wiping away her tears, she said, "I haven't been exposed. Do you think I want to?"? This time you said you would accompany me out to buy vegetables. Last night you told me that you loved me very much and that you would marry me. Now you suddenly accidentally exposed it. You don't want to admit it, do you? Are you afraid that the beautiful girls who worship you, Mr. Yin, don't love you anymore? You bully me like this,ultrasonic extraction cbd, you enemy. Whoo. I've been in love with you for so many years. Whoo.. Feeling that Yin Jinchen's big hand on her arm was getting tighter and tighter, Tong Xiaole's heart was getting more and more hanging. Isn't she going too far. Um. Suddenly, Tong Xiaole only felt his whole body turn, his waist was clasped by a pair of warm hands, and his body was held tightly in his arms in an instant. "Uh.." She raised her eyes in amazement and looked at Yin Jinchen, who had an evil smile on her face but a trace of cold light in her eyes: "You, what do you want to do?" So many people.. Why are you hugging me? "My dearest'Xiao Le '," Yin Jinchen bent his head, close to her frightened slightly open pink cherry lips: "Since you say so, I can't refuse anything, ultrasonic cutting machine ,sonicator homogenizer, if you want to expose.. Should it be more direct? "What.." Tong Xiaole puffed out his mouth and turned his head to avoid it. Yin Jinchen smiled wickedly and took a breath of hot air at her white and tender neck, which made Tong Xiaole tremble all over and almost collapsed in an instant. Wow I'm going to kiss, I'm going to kiss. Wow, Mr. Yin is going to kiss that woman in public! "I'm so angry, what's the matter with that flat girl." Why is she so lucky? "Ah, ah, I'm really going to kiss." Oh, my God. "" "Yin Jinchen!" Tong Xiaole was so frightened that he turned around and stared at him, just in time to meet the sexy thin lips he immediately stuck in. Don't you touch me! Tong Xiaole shouted! Chapter22) Making Gossip (2) Yin Jinchen's evil charm smiled, not only turning a deaf ear to her words, but bending down his head more and more. Mom, help!!!! Tong Xiaole shouted and turned his head. Yin Jinchen also turned his face in an instant and bit Tong Xiaole's small ear gently. "Well.." Tong Xiaole froze, tears instantly filled his eyes: "You bully me again..." "You asked for it!" Yin Jinchen smiled in her ear with an ambiguous word, and then let go of his hand.
As soon as he was free, Tong Xiaole turned around and jumped two meters away from him. Then he pushed the shopping cart and ran inside: "I'm going to buy potatoes and eggplants!" "Ah, Mr. Yin, you are so handsome." "Oh my God.." If I could be hugged or kissed by Mr. Yin, I would die without regret. Yin Jinchen turned his head, his face returned as usual, and walked slowly and coldly in the direction of Tong Xiaole's running. That woman! His punishment will not be so simple! "Boss, how much is this potato?" Tong Xiaole ran to a place in front of him and stood in front of the potato pile with a high voice to hide his heart, which is still beating wildly. Fifteen yuan a kilo! The peddler raised his head and looked at her lazily, and continued to cut the potato shreds over there. Fifteen bucks? Dollar? Singapore currency? RMB Tong Xiaole opened his eyes wide. RMB "Shit!"! You sold me such a potato for fifteen yuan a kilo. Are you robbing me? I also want to buy the eggplant here. Give me a discount. On the mainland, potatoes are not even worth three yuan a kilo! "Fifteen yuan a kilo is fifteen yuan a kilo. If you don't buy it, you'll leave!" The peddler rolled his eyes and said, "Really, this is Malaysia, not the mainland. What are you talking about?" "Damn, how can you be like this? I'm bargaining with you!"! "Well, eight yuan a catty, I'll buy five catties, and I'll buy some eggplants by the way. Will you sell them?" "Not for sale!"! You go quickly, you don't buy it,ultrasonic dispersion machine, don't bother me here! "Hey, you." Tong Xiaole was about to continue to go down with each other's mushrooms when he found a cold breath coming from behind him. He suddenly turned his head and saw Yin Jinchen standing behind him. He was shocked all over: "Er.." "Have you finished?"? Can we leave now? Yin Jinchen twisted his eyebrows and looked at the flush on her face. Well, I.. The potatoes he sells are too expensive. I won't buy them. Tong Xiaole smashed the potatoes in his hand into the pile of potatoes and watched them fall to the ground one by one before he turned to go with satisfaction. fycgsonic.com
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