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Lin Dong was stunned, good guy, no wonder the strength is so terrible, unexpectedly is Tianwei Pavilion suppressed several times did not completely destroy the Tiansha village. This day, was the largest gathering place of mountain bandits in Lingnan county, more than ten years ago, because of the rapid expansion of strength to break through Lingnan city, has exceeded the bottom line of the big fellow, Tianwei pavilion called the whole county warrior encirclement and suppression, the whole village collapsed, but the village owner Cheng Bao escaped. Within a few years, Tiansha Stronghold reappeared in Lingnan County, and then suppressed it again. The Lord of Cheng Stronghold was a cockroach who could not be killed. He even alarmed a strong man loyal to the court in Lingnan County, but he still escaped alive. In the territory of Lingnan County, Cheng Bao is far inferior to many mountain bandit leaders in terms of evil names. But when it comes to the number one mountain bandit, it is none other than Cheng Bao. Do you know who I am? Cheng Bao looked down upon him. Lin Dong touched his chin and said slowly, "You're a good cook. It's a pity that you're a bandit. If you were a cook, Jiang Yi's historical position in the culinary world would be no better than yours in a hundred years." Ling Zhengyang and a gang of bandits looked at him in astonishment. Cheng Bao was stunned and immediately burst out laughing. (Thanks for the reward, O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ … …) Chapter two hundred and seventy of the main text forced the good to be a bandit. Chapter two hundred and seventy forced to bandit "Bold enough, strong enough, and the only one who understands how good Lao Tzu's cooking is." Say, if you want any reward, just say it. As long as I, Cheng Bao, can do it, I will find a gift for you to be the Lord of the Second Stronghold. Cheng Bao stared at Lin Dong closely,Marble Projects, although still fierce flashing, but obviously faded a lot. Lin Dong smiled bitterly: "Do you want to commit suicide?" Cheng Bao was stunned. "Are you tired of living?" He roared. "It seems to be no good." Lin Dong looked at him lightly and trembled. Chang Tai, who had finally stood firm, asked in a loud voice, "How long can you hold out?" Chang Tai's arms hung down softly, but his eyes swept coldly over the faces of the bandits. "Hold on until none of them are left," he said in a deep voice. "In that case, don't blame me if you die at the hands of other bandits." Lin Dong twisted his neck, opened his hands at the same time, and two new and bright benches appeared quietly. Shopkeeper Lin,White Marble Slabs, be careful. His body will shake back in an instant. You can't fight with him in close combat. Chang Tai reminded. Lin Dong nods, have a lesson from the past, still confront hard with Cheng Bao, that is an idiot. It seems that you are not convinced until you see the coffin, and you have a long memory with a broken arm. Remember in the future, mountain bandits have the rules of mountain bandits, even if you are the Lord of the Second Stronghold, the authority of the eldest brother is also beyond doubt. The horizontal flesh on Cheng Bao's face trembled sharply, the broadsword in his hand was raised, and his body burst out. Lin Dong head-on, less than three meters, the body suddenly right, the whole person like a sudden bending straight line, around Cheng Bao. Turning around and raising his arms, the two benches came out, one after the other, and went straight to the back of Cheng Bao's head. Cheng Bao suddenly turned around, the broadsword in his hand was raised over the top, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, and then went straight down. Strong wind, like Cheng Bao's momentum, violent, domineering, with a roar, rushed to the bench. Lin Dong's eyes flashed when his broadsword exploded the bench like a giant axe and went straight down with sawdust, and the blue gown on his body danced without wind. Whew. Cheng Bao was about to return to the knife to deal with the second bench, but the handle in his palm seemed to be out of control, and the blade was cut off at his crotch. Choke A crisp sound like Jin Ge mingled in the hall. Cheng Bao suddenly looked up at Lin Dong: "Can you control the knife in Lao Tzu's hand?" Lin Dong took a breath, Cheng Bao's crotch, is still not the key. Moreover, the knife in the hands of Cheng Bao, there is no anti-shock. Good boy, Lao Tzu is to look down upon you, unexpectedly there is such a strange skill, and the speed is far beyond Lao Tzu's expectations. Cheng Bao grinned grimly and said, "If I don't get serious with you, it seems that you won't be convinced." Lin Dong frowns slightly, throat, heart, crotch, this … It's not the point. The rest can only be Tianlinggai, temples, eyebrows, eyes, Dantian. "Don't think about it, I don't have a vital part in my whole body, including my open eyes.". Killing me is very simple. Cheng Bao put his broadsword on his shoulder and said with a grim smile, "Your strength is so strong that I can't resist it." Lin Dong is silent, really do not have any crucial words, only think of a way to trap people.
On the opposite side, Cheng Bao threw the broadsword away, stretched his right palm, and a glittering giant knife appeared in his palm. This golden sword is three meters long, with a thick back and a cold blade. Two huge dragons hover on both sides of the blade. Overbearing, bloodthirsty sharp impact on people's vision. Watch it. Cheng Bao suddenly waved his arm, the golden knife in his hand raised with a strong wind roar, and immediately, suddenly cut Lin Dong's left arm. The sound of breaking the air exploded like thunder, and as the golden knife was cut down, a golden wind blade galloped out like a bolt from the blue. Lin Dong was shocked and subconsciously rushed to one side. Boom. The knife roared and raged like a **** in the sky, shaking the sky and the earth, and the whole hall burst open a gully more than ten meters long and half a meter high and wide in an instant. Beside the gully, Lin Dong's heart beats like a drum. The speed of the knife was several times or even ten times faster than before. This knife is a hundred times stronger than before. How's it going? Are you convinced? Cheng Bao carried the golden sword to his shoulder, which was more overbearing and bloodthirsty than before. This knife, I am afraid that you will be split in half in the wrong direction, so it only takes seven points of force. Be the leader of the Second Stronghold for Lao Tzu honestly. With your magic skill, our two brothers will join hands. Heaven and earth are big. Kill him with a river of blood. Lin Dong wry smile, today this somersault, is a big fall. Cook did not find, but was forced to do mountain bandits, but also beat each other. What can't be split with this knife? As far as the speed of the knife is concerned, if it is really only seven points of force, the misty step may not be able to avoid it 100%. Originally thought that by virtue of the imperial formula and the ethereal step, with the strength of their own mind period triple, it is no problem to defeat more than 90% of the mind period quadruple. The remaining 10%, can not beat, more than enough to escape. I didn't expect to meet a better one. Cheng Bao this strange diamond cover iron cloth shirt,Slate Wall Panel, plus the hand is not the ninth order is also the eighth order spirit of the golden knife, the mind period four, enough to kill the mind period six opponents. forustone.com
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