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They also bowed in the direction of Duvein. Beryl squatted down and hugged Xiao Huang and kissed him on the face, his long ears squeaking and his tail wagging wildly. She handed it to Marydonodor, and the dragon stiffened for a long time, but held it stiffly and touched it on his mouth. Squeak. Xiao Huang was directly scared to urinate, and before he was scared to urinate, Marydonodol had already blown it out, and his face was so disgusted that he threw the urine randomly somewhere he didn't know. Du Weiyin rolled on the ground and laughed his head off, then he was drenched in water and ran to fight with a wet and livid face. They have finished their courtship and are exchanging rings. In fact, the rings were also made by Marydonodol. Beryl herself lifted the veil and ran briskly to embrace Xiao Huang, watching the two dragons roll together and the grass fly. Their strength has recovered a lot now, one ignites everywhere, the other throws space everywhere. The whole meadow was on fire very quickly, and when Beryl found out, "Oh!" She laughed and jumped away, and Long Yan ran around her, hot and active, chasing her forward. Xiao Huang followed her, chased her all the way,White Marble Mosaic, and threw herself into the arms of Marydonodol. The clothes were originally sewn with thick needles and big threads, but when they were torn like this, they had already fallen off and burned in the fire. Du Weiyin looked at it and said, "Leave this to me. You have to be paid for your work." Ripped the headband off Marydonodor's head. Long Yan chased Beryl, spread over her body, and burned her clothes. She and Marydonodol were wrapped in the fire, licking their bodies warmly. Because I was told beforehand that this is the blessing of the Red Dragon. She took the wreath off her head and threw it at Du Weiyin. Duroro,grey marble slab, this is for you too! "I said don't call me Duroro!" "It doesn't sound good at all," Duvein complained as he caught the wreath. Xiao Huang was wrapped in the fire and ran around curiously. The red dragon waved to him, and he ran obediently and followed him. He crouched there, watching the silver dragon begin to change, holding his bride in his mouth, ready to be sent to the bridal chamber. That's right, Maddow! He shouted, "Do you still have that correspondence rune of the elves?" "I destroyed it!" There was a response from the sky with flames. Remember to roll down tomorrow! "I know!" The silver dragon fluttered its wings and a rain of fire fell from the sky. Du Weiyin stood there and watched them fly back to the cave. The silver tail of the dragon flicked and disappeared. After an absence of four days, when we met again, we only ordered him, and the whole process lasted less than an hour. He curled his lips and looked at his hand, a headband on one side and a garland on the other. All right, he rolled it and stuffed it into his own space ring. There is a sea of fire all around, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Marble Projects, little by little, the burned ground is scorched black, but soon it will be covered with snow, and flowers will bloom next spring. He crouched down and picked up Xiao Huang, hung her on his belt, and patted her with satisfaction. Xiao Huang wagged his tail at him and hung freely on it. All right, Xiao Huang, go to the market with your stepfather and find something to eat. The red eyes narrowed with a smile. "I have to inquire about the whereabouts of Roland and the elves." And in the green forest of the clear spring, Eowyn Uchel hurried into the tree hall. The priests were waiting for him, and the last member of the Council had arrived. The genie nodded and went to the middle of the tree hall and bowed. The whole tree hall was quiet, and a dozen pairs of eyes were staring at him waiting for his voice. I'm Eowyn Uchel, High Ranger, of the Moonlight Tribe. He began to speak fluently: "Now begin to report to you about the clues found in the undead alchemist Lorraine.." "Lorraine's hiding place has been cleared, and no natural stone has been found. We have arranged for people to start interrogating Lorraine.". He hasn't confessed yet. "But we have a discovery," said Eowyn Uchel. "In the basement of one room, we found the high priest's bloody clothes." Chapter 149 The place where Lorraine was temporarily detained was the bottom of the temporary prison opened up in the green forest of Qingquan. Elves have few prisons, and these children of the forest, who advocate nature, justice and light, do not need as much law and punishment as other races.
Most of the residents of Qingquan Green Forest only make some trivial mistakes, as long as they are grounded or forbidden to do something else. Otherwise, they will be punished to labor, patrol and escort, and they can also do a good job of labor repentance. The number of elves is relatively small, and apart from some of the traveling population, it is not easy to maintain the security of such a huge forest, so they have developed such a mindset: most of them will not use the punishment of wasting labor, in addition to the most serious is the death penalty, there is no need to worry. So how to deal with the undead alchemist Lorraine, Qingquan Greenwood spent a lot of time thinking. After the departure of the silver dragon Maridonodor, we need to find another higher space magician to fix the space punctuation. Lorraine hid in the forest for decades and committed countless crimes, all of which needed to be cleaned up, collected enough evidence of his guilt, tried fairly under the sacred tree, and informed the rest of the continent of the results. It was a serious matter, and although all the members of the Elven Council present were so indignant that they wanted to put Lorraine to death immediately, they had to make the decision to put him in temporary confinement. It was also necessary to ask Lorraine where he had hidden the Stone of Nature, and if he could not find it, it would be a disgrace to the whole forest elves. Eowyn Uchel was in charge of communicating with Marydonodor and cooperating to break into Lorraine's hiding place, and after the Silver Dragon left, he naturally took over the task of cleaning up Lorraine's hiding place. Most of the fledgling elves were so disgusted with this task that even when they entered Lorraine's house, they felt that their bright souls were polluted by darkness. When they saw the meat and festering experiments in the corridors leading to Lorraine's laboratory,Pietra Gray Marble, some of them were dead and some of them were still sane, they all scolded Lorraine and shed tears for these innocent lives. Over and over again, Eowyn was asked to report to the Council and put Lorraine to death. forustone.com
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