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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 15, 2022 6:46:45 AM(UTC)

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Fang Luo nodded, "as if you were saying it yourself." "Did I say that?" Fang Moduo looked surprised. "How could it be possible? Who made the rumor?" "Well, if I'm old, I can't help it." Fang Luo took Fang Moduo to the desk and sat down. He stood up by himself, holding the edge of the desk in his hands and bowing slightly, just about the same height as Fang Moduo. "If I'm not old enough, I can't go to college before you, work before you, and then earn money to support you." "I have a father to support me." Fang Moduo protested in a low voice. There will be me in the future. Fang Luo gently raised Fang Moduo's chin, "if I wasn't old, I wouldn't be like this." Said, gently kissed Fang Moduo's forehead. The soft lamp light could not shine on Fang Moduo's face, but there was still a faint light, Fang Luo was so close to her that she could see more and more shy red clouds on her face. If I wasn't old, I wouldn't be like this. Fang Luo continued and gently kissed Fang Moduo on the cheek. Fang Moduo wanted to bow his head and was forbidden by his hand. And this. Fang Luo's lips finally fell on Fang Moduo's lips, but only gently, but different from the plunder and hesitation of the night of the first kiss. Fang Moduo's body trembled involuntarily, looking at Fang Luo close at hand, she would not describe what her mood was at that time, she could never describe it,Granite Slab Supplier, even after a few years. She only remembered that Fang Luo's lips were cold at that time, and the first kiss was bitter that night, but later. It's all sweet. With the college entrance examination approaching, Fang Luo and Fang Mochen extended their evening self-study at school to 11:30 every day. Fang Zhi was naturally very busy, and Xiao Yizhen naturally accompanied him to attend various occasions as his wife. Poor Fang Moduo can only "stay alone in the empty room". Well, it's not accurate to say that you are alone. After all, there are still a few adults in the family. However, with the increase of Fang Moduo's age and worries,Agate Stone Price, there are fewer and fewer words between the nanny and aunt. Moreover, the nanny aunt has resigned from the local chronicles and is ready to go back to her hometown to provide for the aged. When it comes to Fang's children's studies, the worst one is Fang Moduo, who has worked hard and worked hard, but ultimately failed. Her grades are always average, and occasionally they are on the low side. Fang Zhi believed that he was not strict with himself. He firmly believed that Fang Moduo was a smart child and must have inherited his good genes. Therefore, he took time out of his busy schedule to stipulate what Fang Moduo should learn and make up every day. As the saying goes, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. Fang Moduo apportioned these assignments to other students in the class. You know, she is a "bully" type, a wave of her little arm, who dares not follow? But the appearance still needs to be done, Fang Moduo put something he was interested in in the drawer of his desk, and books for learning were placed on his desk. As soon as suspicious footsteps appeared at the door, Fang Moduo immediately closed the drawer. As soon as the footsteps left, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,white marble slabs, she pulled the drawer open again and did what she should do. 16 But her little trick, basically can only cheat than her small white, similar to Fang Luo this kind of belly black brother, no way, pull her mistake is simply a piece of cake. No matter how late Fang Luo came back from school, he would go around to her room to see her before he went to sleep, which made Fang Moduo feel very comfortable, because his mother used to do the same. In fact, the things hidden in her drawer are just pictures, which she likes and is good at recently. Fang Moduo did not know how deep her feelings for Fang Luo would be, and she was also prophetic about what would happen in the future, and even thought of the issue of marriage, and Fang Luo. She painted a beautiful blueprint for herself, including the university Fangluo wanted to enter, the career Fangluo wanted to engage in, her and Fangluo's own small home, and her future to raise a puppy called Princess. She secretly drew all this, drew whatever came to her mind, and then made up these pictures into short stories to amuse herself. One day, she will give these pictures to Fang Luo as a gift, as to when to send them. Fang Moduo has been waiting for the most magnificent opportunity. Besides art, Fang Moduo also likes physical education. Not because of how much she loves sports, but because as long as it's not a cultural lesson, she likes it. The school's sports building is newly completed, with complete facilities and numerous venues.
The physical education class of Fang Moduo's class this afternoon is simple: swimming. Fang Moduo learned to swim when she was very young, and her skills were fairly good, at least compared with the group of landlubbers in her class, she was simply "outstanding". Her swimsuit is also very cute, split style, the upper part of the body is a small pink suspender, the bottom is a layered swimming skirt. Girls will be more or less some vanity, Fang Moduo soak in the swimming pool, looking at their white and tender arms and legs, the heart is still quite happy. But this happy mood was soon disrupted by a classmate named Xiao Qing. He just transferred to another school this semester. He looks like a dog, but he is so stupid to swim. The coach announced to him that he would give up teaching and let him flutter with the swimming pool alone. It was also Fang Moduo's misfortune to become his designated "guardian". " Do you know you have to hold your breath underwater? Of course you choke when you breathe like that. Fang Moduo beat Xiao Qing's skull angrily. Xiao Qing was annoyed. Although he was young and had a bad temper, he stared at Fang Moduo and continued to hold the wall of the pool to practice holding his breath. Fang Moduo made a grimace, but did not dare to swim far, so he was bored to tread water. Depressed and anxious, he looked at two people coming from the direction of the dressing room of the swimming pool. Two people have changed their swimsuits, one boy and one girl. The boy's figure. Fang Moduo was ashamed to use adjectives to describe it, and with the limited vocabulary she had mastered, she could not describe it well, not to mention that she only thought of one sentence while watching it: It's really good! So high.. Legs are so long. Four-corner swimming trunks.. It really fits.. Look further up.. Look at the face again. Sweat. It's Fang Luo. Fang Moduo subconsciously wanted to drill into the water, and the second subconscious was stunned: "Why do you want to hide?"? Keep looking! Look sweetly! The little heart is beating sweetly, eyes turn, turn to the side of Fangluo. Girl,grey marble slab, Fang Moduo swallowed the saliva involuntarily. That girl Fang Moduo knows, is Fang Luo's deskmate, called Zhi Hui. forustone.com
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